shows/movies: adventure time, the good place, homestar runner, invader zim, the lego movie, mission hill, object shows (bfdi, cfmot, hfjone), ppg 1998, regular show, spongebob, cartoons in general idk there's a lot i could put here

games: animal crossing, baba is you, danganronpa, fo:nv, minecraft, off rpg, petz 1-5, portal, tf2, undertale/deltarune

music: ajj, the beach boys, green day, gorillaz, jack stauber, jonathan coulton, los campesinos!, my chemical romance, roar, talkshow boy, they might be giants, the unicorns, ween

other: angels, astronomy, biology/genetics, cats, lost media, nuclear science, retrocomputing/old internet/malware, retrofuturism, wizards but like cool wizards, ytp

this isn't all of them just everything i could think of as of writing this LOL
yes i am critical i have a brain and i love using it